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From consulting and design to testing, production and maintenance. NCS Systems is the undisputed system integrator for excellence of industrial computer technology. Specialising in ‘mission critical’ applications and ready to design and develop tailored-made products specifically for you. And we'll do this in your house style and with your company's logo. Displays, monitors, flat panels, touch screens, single board computers, servers and other – integrated or stand-alone – hardware solutions.

Using our in-house, 3D CAD tools, we always first produce a prototype and we personalise the design completely according to your wishes and needs. Each product that passes through our doors undergoes the necessary testing and is certified in accordance with EMC, EMI, CE, UL or other required standards.

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NCS within Nijkerk Group

NCS Systems is a part of the Nijkerk Group and has branches in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. The success story that Nijkerk Group has been writing for more than a full century now goes back to 1900 when M.E. Nijkerk opened his store in Amsterdam. His core business? Gas lamps and electric lighting. This quickly evolved into the distribution of radio components and, starting in 1959, electronic components in general. Nowadays Nijkerk Group develops specialised business units and it does so over an extremely wide spectrum.

While throughout the years NCS Systems has excelled in numerous hardware solutions, Ferranti Computer Systems focuses on software systems for the utility market. Nijkerk Electronics, on the other hand, takes aim at the distribution of electronic components (active, passive, optoelectronics and modules). 

The great success of Nijkerk Group is down to our continuous pursuit of the newest technologies and the specialised work of our more than 500 motivated employees.

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NijCare support program

As a system integrator specialised in mission-critical industrial computer technology, NCS Systems provides cutting edge IT services. Our system engineering activities also feature prominently in the NijCare support programme. In addition to various test phases, this programme includes all aspects of operational support, from A to Z: prototype, certification, product documentation, quality controls, integration, implementation and guarantee.

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