When rugged only, is not enough.

For many commercial products, a punch, a shock, falling, dust, or rain can be enough to lose durability and stop working, even before you started. For the rugged and outdoor solutions from NCS Systems, this is no longer an issue. They're specifically designed to endure many extreme environments or outdoor situations.

Why choose a outdoor and rugged solution?

Environments are very variable. One day it's sunny and hot, the other day it might be windy and raining. You want a device that can follow these changing environments and have no malfunction while working. That is why NCS Systems only choose for products that are extremely rugged and specifically for outdoor applications, think about:

  • Rugged tablets and notebooks
  • Outdoor IP67-4G routers
  • IP65 to IP69
  • Outdoor kiosks
  • Recharging stations
  • Payment terminals
  • Access control
  • Intelligent mailboxes



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