I have an idea, what to do with it?

Every industrial IT solutions starts with an idea. And no matter if it's big or small, it's worth to look at it and see what can be created. 
At Nijkerk Computer Solutions we are passionate about analysing soluions and manufacturing the most challenging needs and wishes.


How does it work?

When we develop an idea, we always make sure to take wishes, needs, budget and other requirements into account. It's very important to us, that the idea you have in mind, suits best with the result we want to deliver. After we have thought of an design and technical requirements, we present our ideas to you with an price offer, datasheets and technical drawings. After that you are going to have a clear image of what we offer and you can always make adjustments or changes to it. Our offer is always non-committal.

When you give us your approval, we will start our manufacturing process. Nijkerk works with the best renowned suppliers and developers and with our in-house-tools and years of experience in the most challenging sectors, we dare to take the extra step.

After the manufacturing of the device is done, you will receive it at your address. We work together with worldwide known shipping companies to make sure your goods will shipped safe and fast. Your device will be packed safe with sturdy boxes and aired-packing material.

And as last, enjoy the effect of your idea and experience the benefits of a cooperation with Nijkerk!


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