Network devices

Network devices

Nijkerk’s automation solutions are designed to provide ideal conditions in any work environment with the lowest possible energy consumption. The solutions improve efficient operation of building systems, warehouses, factories, etc. and they also reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Market concerns:

With today's computing environment becoming increasingly complex, industrial device management at factory floor becomes a burden. Therefore, production chain optimization demands intelligent IT applications and network-enabling solutions. The need to capture, control and analyze data from industrial and manufacturing equipment in a real-time basis is quickly becoming an important issue for administrators.

 Ethernet is chosen as preferred method for remote management of industrial devices at factory floor. However, here networking devices should be working on heavy duty to stand up to electrical noise, dust, extended media distances, round-the-clock operations and wide temperature variations.

Nijkerk provides complete range of LAN, Serial & DIO connectivity platforms that make networking easy and convenient while providing plant personnel the tools they need to increase machine uptime and availability.