As professional system integrators, we at NCS Systems have a clear objective: to design the best customised solution in the most straightforward way. And that goes much further than just choosing the right components. We study the feasibility of your wishes and needs, perform conformity testing and provide a straightforward repair service after integration. That way you get a profitable total package tailored to your company or organisation. And you get it faster than you'd think.

A feasible concept

We start each project by assessing the feasibility of your wishes and needs. To set the correct hardware strategy in the design of your intended product, we first consider:

  • Technical performance
  • Environmental conditions
  • Aesthetic criteria
  • High-availability aspects

Prototype testing

After that, we select the specific components for your idea and we then perform extensive tests on a prototype. For example, testing in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, for water-tightness and resistance to shocks and vibrations. Depending on the purpose and the location of the product.

Continuity guaranteed

All of the components required are then checked to ensure that they will continue to be produced and supported in the future.

Traceable components

When integrating the components into the new concept, each individual component is assigned a unique serial number which is registered in our database. This way we maintain an overview in case of any repairs or support.

Reliable from head to toe

Depending on the function of your product and the conditions in which it will be operating, we perform the requisite testing. For a high-quality product with a long service life.

Service & support after delivery

And after the final delivery? Even then, of course, we are standing by ready to help. All systems solutions we deliver are completely supported and repaired throughout the service life of our products.